When it all started – Pretoria, 1990

The Lamp Factory was established in 1990 in a small house in Pretoria with only three employees, working hard to produce handmade lamp shades. Our products were sold on street corners in the busiest parts of the city, catching the attention of passersby.

Gradually the business grew and we moved to a bigger premises in Silverton. Twenty people were now under our employment, keeping up with the demand for our products. By the 2000s, the business had expanded to include ceramic lamp bases to complement our shades, all in various colours.

As the times changed, so did the trends, and by the early 2010’s, we decided to make a change and focus our skills. The factory underwent a drastic make-over and the focus was on producing shades for local hotels, lodges and chain stores. The factory shop soon opened and presented a new facet to this ever-growing business.


28 years later, we now employ 42 individuals – some of the staff have worked here from the beginning. Our evolving business has grown exponentially – now including a fully-fledged assembly line for producing shades in over 100 shapes and sizes in different fabrics. We’ve also added wooden lamps to our manufactured products which are made on site by professional wood-turners. Our factory shop stocks about 600 different lighting products and is open to the public 6 days a week.


With our products now readily available online, we invite you to browse or shop share our passion for lighting.